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Folding Ironed Clothes


Adcock's Cleaners provides professional spot removal, hand finishing, environmentally safe laundry, wet cleaning and dry-cleaning service, backed by decades of experience, skill and personal attention for your laundry & dry cleaning needs.

We know how important convenience is to you, that is why Adcock's Cleaners offers pick-up and delivery service for your cleaning needs. With an Adcock's provided bag with laminated identification tag for your garments, we will gladly pick up your items from your home or office and deliver it back at the scheduled time.  Give us a call to schedule your pick up and leave the cleaning & pressing to us.

Dry cleaning is not “dry”,  it is a cleaning process using a solvent rather than water. These care labels that demand “dry clean only” need extra attention.  Your garments are checked for spots and spots that are found are professionally removed using the finest spotting solutions available. Finally your garments are finished by our trained, professional staff, checked for quality, proper packaging and conveyor for pickup. Let the professionals at Adcock's help you care for your garments.

Wet Cleaning is great for some situations, and not as great in others. This is exactly why Adcock's has chosen two environmentally friendly options, rather than one. In certain situations, we may decide that Wet Cleaning is a better choice to deal with a particular stain. In other situations, we may decide that dry cleaning is a better solution.  We use pure, safe, and effective cleaning solvents and solutions.

Every weekday we provide customers with professionally cleaned and pressed clothing. The service is further enhanced by providing the convenience of same-day service BEFORE 9:00 a.m.

At Adcock's we don't just clean clothes. We process household items such as blankets, comforters, & linens. 

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