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Adcock’s Ideal Cleaners started as a family business, first owned by Fred G. Adcock back in 1952. Two years later, in 1954, Fred decided to, no pun intended, "hang it up" as a dry cleaners and pass the Adcock's Cleaners business and legacy to his son, John Robert Adcock.


The cleaners quickly gained popularity in and around the Permian Basin and expanded adding several services including the unforgettable,

 Tidy Didy Diaper Service’, servicing the needs of both the children and parents of Midland with a cloth diaper service. That diaper service was eventually phased out as disposable diapers became the new trend and preferred method. 



The laundry service was added in the 1990’s as the company continued to grow. John and his wife, Helen, continued to run the business until they sold it to Gary Smithey in January of 2008. The business continued to expand and several locations throughout the Permian Basin were added. Eventually, ownership would change hands once again in May of 2017. 



Today the business flourishes under the new ownership of Sherry Cook and Michael & Chandra Brooks who hope to uphold the high standards of a business that has considered itself a staple of the community for over 50 years. Adcock's Cleaners strives to be a shining example of what the Midland, TX business community and way of life stand for. Our goal is delivering the same service, attention to detail and unmatched care of your garments as the founder, Fred G. Adcock set out to accomplish when he opened the doors of Adcock's Ideal Cleaners .


We hope to see you soon at Adcock's Cleaners!

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